First Ministry Update Newsletter~ 04/23/21

Hello friends! I hope that your day is going well! This will be Enriching Grace Ministries first newsletter which has the sole purpose of laying out a direction for some of the things that will be posted about and possible cycles that can be expected for these materials to be posted.

~ Weekly, on Saturdays there will be Christian national and global updates to keep readers informed on the international trials and accomplishments of Christians around the world. These circulating stories will hopefully serve as a update of the various functioning limbs of the Body of Christ for the furthering of His Gospel.

~ Throughout each week, there will be devotions for various groups of people including families, children, adults of all ages, athletes, etc. These devotions will be written by various writers and myself. My goal is to share the resources that are helping us grow, with the reader so we can grow together in Christ Jesus.

~ Throughout each week, other resources that may be shared could be audio clips, podcasts, sermons, etc. There will be something for everyone.

~ Monthly, there will be a Christian book review and suggestion for some extra-Biblical reading. The book reviews will be thorough and offer insight into the material of the book.

I hope that this update discussing developments of the blog will bring some excitement for readers and encourages, you the readers, to sign up for email updates on our main page.

Have a wonderfully, blessed day! ~ Jacob Harris

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