Christmas & the Genealogy of Jesus

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In this video, Enriching Grace contributor Jacob Harris delves into the importance of the Gospel of Matthew and Luke listing of Jesus’s lineage. Jacob aims to show why this often-overlooked portion should be an important addition to one’s telling of the Christmas story.

2022: Resolutions or Grace?

In this update by Enriching Grace, contributor Jacob Harris, examines the balance of resolutions and grace, while moving on into a recap of the ministry for 2021. Following the recap, we see how the ministry will be moving forward into 2022. Join us as we usher in new Godly opportunities!

Enriching and Edity, In Jesus Name

In this message, pastor Jacob Harris takes a look into the crucial components of fulfilling the mission set for Enriching Grace Church: The Gospel, the Church, and the Role.

Formula for Enrouragement

In this sermon, Enriching Grace Church kicks off their series on 1 Thessalonians in chapter 1, verses 1 through 3. They evaluate Paul’s blessing of comfort to the church and see how we can apply it to the church today!

Characteristics of Christian Behavior

In this study, Pastor Jacob Harris works through 1 Thessalonians 2 to take a critical look at necessary characteristics of a Christians in presenting the Gospel. We pray you enjoy!

Pain & Purpose

In this study, Pastor Jacob Harris looks at 1 Thessalonians 3 and looks at how God turns good out of the troubles of life. We pray you are enriched!

To Abound More and More

In this sermon, Pastor Jacob Harris explains why the Christian walk is an important walk to consider and how it is to be defined by the love of God. We pray you are enriched!

Christmas Scaries

In this message, pastor Jacob Harris issues a call to faith coming out of the holiday season and to have no fear or dread now that Christmas has started a long journey back around!

We pray you enjoy and are encouraged!

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God bless!

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