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Mistaken Vanity

Society has many varying divisions. These fissures include: money, looks, position, family name, and so forth, so forth. Sometimes, how others are elevated should make the common man (I say this to make a point) laugh. All of humanities dignity’s are all superficial, yet esteemed as immortal. In our mortal flesh, we are bound to …

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“The Sufficiency of Grace”

“Say Grace #2” ~ Sermon: “The Sufficiency of Grace” In this video, pastor Harris teaches on the sufficiency of grace and what we need to set our attention on in prayer. We pray that you enjoy this sermon and are able to trust fully in the grace of God! God bless! God bless!

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“Grace: The Problem; the Solution”

“Say Grace” #1; Sermon: “Grace: The Problem; the Solution” In this sermon, Pastor Harris takes a look at the wonder of grace in light of the Law of God. We pray you enjoy and are strengthened, edified, and enriched! God bless!

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“Don’t Compromise!”

In this sermon, pastor Harris preaches on the churches lurch towards drastic compromise and how we can begin turning back to Christ! God bless!

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Thankful for Righteousness

“I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high.” ~ Psalm 7:17 Thankfulness to God is expected and to Christians, is understood. God is good to us and good, period. We have much to praise God for. Examples being: His providence, His love to us, and importantly, …

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Counting the Cost

Advice my daddy always gave me with any major decision of my life was “did you count the cost?” As I have had many major life changes including moving and job changes, I have pondered the cost of it all both monetarily and figuratively. But most importantly, I reflect on counting cost spiritually as my …

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You Preach Unity?

Unity. You hear of it often nowadays. There is much discussion of what it requires. At a recent festival our church attended, we were in the community offering hope and attempting to meet fellow Christians. It was during this experience that many Christians brushed us off as I reached to shake their hand to say …

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Trophies of Grace

Trophy (n.) There are two types of sports families. One type that carries a strong disdain for “participation trophies” and one that sees the beauty in congratulating everyone for best effort. If you are within a sports family, know that I have appreciation for both ends of the spectrum! I know that we can all …

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Do You Trust Your Bank?

“Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful?” ~ 1 Corinthians 4:2 Banking has not always been banking as we know it. The history of banking is one of shakiness and mistrust that has extended even up to this day. You may still hear the occasional, “I don’t trust the bank.” …

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