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You have found Enriching Grace’s monthly book recommendations. This is not an exhaustive list of good reads and not all of these are devotional in nature.

Below is a list of material that our contributors have read, enjoyed, and or utilized in study.

Disclaimer: Not all the materials held within these books are the viewpoints of our contributors. Despite this, there is some wonderful materials to be gleaned and utilized for the enrichment of your spirit.

I hope you enjoy these brief reviews and that they become helpful recommendations.

Deeper ~ Dane Ortlund

Deeper was written by Dane Ortlund in order to emphasize godliness and call struggling Christians back to the living room of grace. This book is primarily about justification however Ortlund emphasizes that sanctification comes from a focus on justification and the Gospel.

If you want a highly refreshing and challenging read, I implore you to check it out!

A Theology of the Ordinary ~ Julie Canlis

This work challenged my mindset the most within this list. There are some portions that I do not wholeheartedly subscribe to; however, the whole premise behind the work is grounded in truth and the perspective is tantalizing. I strongly suggest this book to stretch the thought process of the Christian. It has drastically transformed some of my views on sanctification and Godly living.

I suggest this book with a wholehearted 10 out of 10!

The Rapture: Christianity's Most Preposterous Belief

The Rapture ~ Chuck Missler

In this work, Missler takes a diagnostic look at the Rapture, scientifically and theologically. This is an interesting work particularly for people who trust in the Raptures occurrence but still may be skeptical of the details that the Bible presents. This book is an excellent resource to bolster the faith and hope of Christians in all walks of life.

Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold

Till We Have Faces ~ C.S. Lewis

Till we have faces contrasts the ancient spiritual mind and the modern logical mind through a story containing a Grecian slave and a spiritualistic mystic priest. The Grecian slave argues that the priests believe are not grounded in reality while the society still firmly believes in the traditions and the prophet’s rituals. The story details the heir to be’s journey of deciphering between the logic of the Grecian and the spirituality of the prophet and the priest as she grows to rule the kingdom and save her sister.

I highly suggest the read for its Christian undertones and thought-provoking nature!

Dispensationalism ~ Charles C. Ryrie

In this classic critically acclaimed work by critically acclaimed dispensational theologian Charles C. Ryrie, Ryrie comes to the defense of classical dispensationalism versus that of covenant theology and progressive dispensationalism. This source is much academic in nature but has a variety of perspectives, gracefully introduced. Most importantly is the sine qua non of dispensationalism, which is the essential statutes that makes one’s theology “dispensational. “

I recommend this work wholeheartedly for someone ready to take on some deep theology.

Enriching Grace Commentary of Ephesians: Understanding the Faith ~ Jacob Harris

This is Enriching Grace’s new compiled notes on Ephesians! It is the first published work by contributor Jacob Harris and is intended to be a very practical look into the epistle. This commentary is now available on Amazon. This is an exciting time in the ministry!


This is the recommended read list for the month of December!

Lastly, I hope you were enriched in some way through these suggestions and leave a comment if you have read any of these books or have a comment to make!

God bless,

Enriching Grace

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