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Hi Friends!

You have found Enriching Grace’s monthly book recommendations. This is not an exhaustive list of good reads and not all of these are devotional in nature.

Below is a list of material that our contributors have read, enjoyed, and or utilized in study.

Disclaimer: Not all the materials held within these books are the viewpoints of our contributors. Despite this, there is some wonderful materials to be gleaned and utilized for the enrichment of your spirit.

I hope you enjoy these brief reviews and that they become helpful recommendations.

Expository Apologetics ~ Voddie Baucham Jr.

I would like to begin my recommendation of this book with a warranty- Baucham and I are at odds on many theological topics. I understand the Bible from a dispensational perspective while Baucham understands the Word of God from the Reformed perspective. Therefore, when discussing topics such as the Law, tradition, and the Church, I have noticed some clear distinctions between our beliefs.

With that being said, Dr. Baucham is a highly intelligent while yet, a practical apologist. An apologist being someone who is able to offer a reason for their hope and defense for their faith as dictated by Scripture. Baucham’s overarching teaching and points are very applicable and brilliant for everyday use. This book is extremely edifying and equipping.

For this reason, I would rank this brilliant work as an 8/10. However, if you are from the Reformed tradition, you would likely understand this to be a 10/10 and that I am lacking grace.

I hope you enjoy it regardless!

Good News ~ John MacArthur

John MacArthur is a common author found in my stack of books. He is solid and firm in his convictions.

This book has found its place in my recommendations, because I feel confident that I could give this work to a non-believer or a young Christian, and that they would be able to come to an accurate conclusion and educated decision on the Gospel of Grace. MacArthur’s exposition of Scripture is fascinating and through this brief writing, he discusses what the Gospel is and just as comprehensively, what it is not.

This book is a good tool to have in the library of each and every Christian. It is a book that you have, and are willing to give away when someone is in need.

I strongly recommend this work as it is a wonderful reflection of the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

The Lie ~ Ken Ham

Ken Ham is an author that people either love, or for lack of better words, hate. Despite what end of the spectrum one falls on, I for one admire and agree with his literal view of Scripture and particularly Genesis. I consider him an apologetic scientist.

In this work, he takes on the hard topics- Particularly evolution. He offers an alternate to the mainstream theory of evolution and formulation of the world. Many deem this view as “Creationism.” Ham challenges Christians who willingly embrace common evolutionary theories as standing on dangerous grounds for not regarding the accuracy and sufficiency. This book is about more than science. The larger “axe to grind” is Scriptural authority.

I suggest reading this book primarily because of its ability to make one think.

Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People ~ S. Truett Cathy

This work is the most devotional in nature this month. This autobiography follows the life of Chick-fil-a’s founder and former owner, S. Truett Cathy. It speaks to hard work, diligence, and God’s providence through it all. Regardless of your field of work, this book will positively affect your work ethic and thankfulness of God’s goodness through it all.

This book was my favorite read this month. Please consider reading it. You will not be sorry!

The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Theology ~ Alan Richardson; John Bowden

This book is simply a reference work, and a compressive one at that. I often pull this book out if I run upon a theological term or historical fact regarding the Church, that I need clarification for.

Saying this, I am not a fan of the authors personal theological stances, however I cannot deny that this book does a good job of categorizing and systematizing information. Therefore, I recommend it as a reference work!

Enriching Grace Commentary of 2 Timothy ~ Jacob Harris

This book is my third work in Enriching Grace’s, Understanding the Faith, series. We delayed the arrival of this work, so that 1 Timothy could be rightly digested in preparation for Paul’s final work preceding his death. We pray you read this work alongside an open Bible and edified, able to stand and “teach no other doctrine.”

Although I may be slightly bias, I recommend this work highly!

Enriching Grace Commentary of Ephesians: Understanding the Faith ~ Jacob Harris

This is Enriching Grace’s new compiled notes on Ephesians! It is the first published work by contributor Jacob Harris and is intended to be a very practical look into the epistle. This commentary is now available on Amazon. This is an exciting time in the ministry!

Enriching Grace Commentary of 1 Timothy: Understanding the Faith ~ Jacob Harris

This is the second published work by Enriching Grace and its emphasis is on the epistle of 1 Timothy! It is the second work of contributor Jacob Harris and once again intends to take a look to practical applications of the letter while allowing it to remain within its proper context! Excited for this bit of our ministry to be shared!


This is the recommended read list for the month of August!

Lastly, I hope you were enriched in some way through these suggestions and leave a comment if you have read any of these books or have a comment to make!

God bless,

Enriching Grace

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