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Good afternoon, I am glad that you found this page. Here writing is contributor Jacob Harris and I wanted to thank for contributing to this ministry with your fellowship and presence.

Here on this page, I wanted to make available to anyone who is interested in supporting Enriching Grace Ministries financially, an outlet to do so.

Enriching Grace has BIG things going on right now and we appreciate even the thought of donating and prayer.

Upkeep of the site, promotions, and our upcoming church plant can at times be taxing financially but we are sure that God will provide.

If you would like to donate and be part of this support system, we welcome you to charitably give below in a one-time donation, monthly, or yearly manner. Donations solely go to the ministry upcoming and start-ups.

If interested, we encourage to engage below financially or simply writing us a message and connecting below. Giving is not expected but it is appreciated more than we are able to express!

Regardless, God bless you friend!


Jacob Harris, Enriching Grace founder and contributor

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