My Outlet, Your Outlet

Commitment to Writing Since April of 2021, my life rhythms have been radically changed since making a commitment to daily writing. I made this pledge quickly, but not spontaneously. In my faith, I wanted an outlet to bring Gospel truth to others. Openly sharing the Word is part of my natural process as well. Nonetheless,Continue reading “My Outlet, Your Outlet”

To Our Viewers

To our viewers, I wanted to express my endless thanks and gratitude. Your viewership means a lot to me and seeing how some are responding to the Word of God is very exciting to me as a writer. For those viewing from the United States, y’all rock! And for those viewing internationally, y’all rock! IContinue reading “To Our Viewers”

First Ministry Update Newsletter~ 04/23/21

Hello friends! I hope that your day is going well! This will be Enriching Grace Ministries first newsletter which has the sole purpose of laying out a direction for some of the things that will be posted about and possible cycles that can be expected for these materials to be posted. ~ Weekly, on SaturdaysContinue reading “First Ministry Update Newsletter~ 04/23/21”