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Hit the Nest, Hit the Bee Too

“If you are going to hit a bees nest, hit the bee too” Recently, I have established this as a personal and practical proverb for myself. In the midst of a North Carolina summer, keeping this saying fresh on your mind will guard you from the onslaught of irritated bees. It came to my mind, …

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That’s a Good Cup of Joe

As of 2020, 7 out of 10 Americans drink coffee every week, with 62% of Americans drinking it daily.  The average American coffee consumer drinks three cups a day.  Coffee really is a phenomenon. There are fast-food chains to support the habit, maintain preferences in style, and countless ways to serve it.  Though many like …

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Weed Eating

Mowing. For many, it’s a reality of life in the summer months for many. You mow one Saturday, and then give it a week or two and your yard has returned to its original disheveled state, begging to me trodden again with a mower.  I know, you know what I am talking about.  Sometimes, mowing …

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Over-spiritualization. It is a thing. A thing that happens way more than it should. It is always a danger that looms when we read the Holy Bible.  One may over-spiritualize in big things (e.g., Insisting that child sacrifice should be done because of God’s interaction with Abraham and Isaac) or in little things (e.g., Insisting …

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This is my Father’s World

We are constantly reminded of the violence, tragedy, and ugliness in today’s world; but we can still rejoice in the beauty of nature and give praise to God for all the beauty of His world that our five senses can freely enjoy. Maltbie D. Babcock (1858-1901) wrote, “This is my Father’s world,” and it is …

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Wildfires and Life

Many agree that for humans, wildfires are disastrous. The immediate effect of these natural phenomena can be property loss, health complications, and Lord forbid-  Death.  I acknowledge the tragic reality of wildfires first because, as many ecologists will acknowledge. Wildfires also can find themselves being vital to the health of certain biomes.  It seems contrary …

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Worry from the Pulpit

Sometimes, pastors get asked questions like, “Is it ok to preach on something that you haven’t quite gotten over yourself?” I used to think the same as the inquisitor. But now in a position where people may sometimes seek my counsel, I think this.  The qualifications of an overseer are quite specific (1 Timothy 3). …

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Blessed Assurance

We are going to explore another wonderful Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) hymn written in 1873 with composer Phoebe Knapp (1839-1908), whom was one of the most widely known women of the 19th century. This hymn, “Blessed Assurance,” was so loved by Fanny Crosby, the first verse is inscribed on her headstone. The Scriptures teach us that …

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Question & Answer #2

What happens after death? Although this becomes a sad thought as we think of loved ones and people who have not believed on the Gospel of Christ, it is still an amazing thing to say that what happens after death: Is your choice. The two sides of the coin are this: Eternal life in Heaven …

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