My (Current) Top 10 C.S. Lewis Books

C.S. Lewis is arguably one of the greatest Christian writers of all time. He has an amazing bibliography of fiction and non-fiction and has greatly influenced the theology and understanding of what the current church is. These suggestions are offered by pastor Jacob Harris from Enriching Grace Ministries! We pray you enjoy this subjective list, can find some great reads, and a deeper enjoyment for the works of Lewis and God’s word!

Honorable Mentions

  1. God in the Dock
  2. Till We Have Faces

Top 10 List

10. The Four Loves

Beginning this list stands an absolutely solid exposition of love. A seemingly infinite amount of books have been written on the topic of love; however, few can detail the wonders of the phenomena better and more concise than Lewis. This book examines the four primary types of love and presents its connections and differences splendidly.

9. Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life

Not to sound pretentious, but I do not believe that one can be admitted into the fanbase of Lewis without reading Surprised by Joy. I know, I have been on the dark side. But to know Lewis, you must allow Lewis to introduce himself. That is exactly what Surprised by Joy is. Lewis is introducing himself from childhood onto his salvation. It details Lewis from his first realization of joy and follows a pursuit of joy until he ascertains it with belief in Jesus Christ. It is a must read for Lewis fans.

8. Letters to Malcom: Chiefly on Prayer

Letters to Malcom reads as if it is actual letters to an actual man who has an actual family with actual problems. Nonetheless, the brilliance of this story is that Malcom is simply an imaginary friend. This book creates fictitious dialogue in order to make a laidback and enjoyable discussion on prayer, life, and spirituality. This is a casual and enjoyable read that deserves a spot on this list for its lighthearted truthfulness!

7. Out of the Silent Planet

Often C.S. Lewis is known for deep theological treatises or fantasy novels, but rarely does anyone think of Lewis as a writer of science fiction. His work, “Out of the Silent Planet,” details of alien abduction and discovery! Rich with literary devices, it details morals such as returning to faith in Christ and slowing the creep toward secularization. Not often can you get such a versatile blend of literature that edifies and enriches while still yet, following a fascinating story!

You may be expecting The Chronicles of Narnia to be in this list for brilliant fiction; nonetheless, I much favor Lewis’s literary genius in the science fiction film. This is the first of a trilogy of three and it is spectacular.

6. The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters is entirely unique in that it unveils theological truth though fictional dialogue between demons (I know, crazy right?). It details a large variety of topics such as sexuality, salvation, death, and authenticity of faith. Completely understanding some of the references requires understanding of England’s involvement in World War II, therefore, this book is best appreciated when prefaced with a quick history lesson. This is an essential C.S. Lewis reading!

5. The World’s Last Night and Other Essays

The World’s Last Night is a collection of essays on a variety of topics, with all of them proficiently addressed. Saying this, the one that made the biggest impact with me is the essay, unironically, “The World’s Last Night.” It is a touching and powerful defense of the second coming and its importance in the doctrinal back pack of Christians.

4. The Great Divorce

Lewis masterfully controls the art of analogy and The Great Divorce displays Lewis’s work. This work illustrates the contrast between Heaven and Hell by following the story of a mystical bus ride. The joy of this book is not the details of the bus however, but of the dialogue and truth that can be found in its characters.

3. Mere Christianity

Likely Lewis’s most famous apologetic work, Mere Christianity, takes a deep look into Lewis’s theology and defends Christianity from a number of various critics. It would be wrong to not include this work in a list detailing my favorite of his works. Mere Christianity is full of brilliant quotes and excellent utilization of Scripture. It isn’t my top favorite, but it is among them.

2. The Problem of Pain

All commentary only makes absolute sense when understood in the context of writing. Even without being able to entirely relate to the setting that Lewis was writing in, this book still opened my eyes to the realities of suffering and a look into the God who cares. This book must be required reading for all who journey on the passage we call life. This work was close to first, yet was barely edged out by the-

  1. The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses

It feels odd to say that my favorite work of Lewis was one published posthumously, but I can not apologize. This work is spectacular. This book details desire and the glory of God and the joy of being known and loved by Him despite being depraved. This is such a welcoming book and I often refer to it. I do not have enough praise for this work and I pray you fall in love with it as well!

End Note

I get something wrong? My list missing something? Leave a comment or reach out and I will look into your suggestion! Happy reading!

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