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Are You Working Out With God Today?

Lifting has always been a recreational activity for me. 

However, as I developed more athletically, I have found a greater need for lifting heavier. And heavier. And then heavier. 

Recently while lifting, I had gotten advice to adjust my form in order to lift more efficiently for my sport. Upon taking this advice, I lifted the weight from the rack, and as I squatted the weight (to my surprise) nearly threw me to the ground. 

Fortunately, I caught the weight and was able to save myself from a very scary near-miss injury. 

I did not utilize this form correctly. 

It was then that I realized that I still needed to do the rep! The stance that I had put myself in had caused poor weight distribution and weight leverage. 

My posture caused me to nearly be crushed under the weight.

Upon redirecting my posture, I was able to lift the weight, and ultimately- Get stronger. 

The truth is that the hearts of men and women are the same way. 

Poor posture equals excessive force caused by heaviness.

In Proverbs 12:25 we are taught that, 

“Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.”

Anxieties of life are going to try and overtake. Our adversary is still trying to steal the joy that is in Christ Jesus. 

But be encouraged oh ye of little faith, there is hope!

A good word maketh the heart glad! 

The Good Word maketh it glad (Romans 15:4). 

When we redirect our posture, looking to the Word of God, our stance becomes stronger to lift the heaviness off of our heart.

This is not of our own strength however. The Word of God is our posture. It props us up and is sufficient to lift the burdens of our soul.

God is a willing workout instructor if you are willing to trust His routines.

Workout with God. You will not regret it. 

God bless!

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