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Prayer of Comfort

Father, I am going off script. I know that You are not the author of confusion, but God, I am confused and I don’t know where that leaves me.

Nowhere can I run to escape you, nor would I ever, yet as life rolls on like waves in high tide, I am lost.

The Devil and his handy-tool of the flesh rattle me to my core, and God, I feel frail. You see me and You know me intimately.

You know the desires of my heart and You have spoke your will abundantly clear.

So God, I will always give You thanks.

I will stand firm in awe and adoration.

Equipped in Your armor, I will fight the darkness that swarms around like bees to a nest.

Yet God, I must ask for discernment. Mighty enough to present order in and despite the world’s confusion.

I plead for the waves to come but not overcome me. Keep my head above the water and fixated on your truth.

Abba, Father, most importantly, as Your child I ask for comfort. Let my flesh try in vain as Your righteousness usurps it.

Take my frailty and strengthen the bones of my soul so that through it all, the world may say,

“Wow! There is the true God. Deserving of all praise and glory!”

I ask this all in the undefiled, righteous name of Jesus Christ who was, and is, and is to come.


In honor of my dearest mother. Lift her up in prayer.

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