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Monthly Book Recommendations

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Hi Friends!

You have found Enriching Grace’s monthly book recommendations. This is not an exhaustive list of good reads and not all of these are devotional in nature.

Below is a list of material that our contributors have read, enjoyed, and or utilized in study.

Disclaimer: Not all the materials held within these books are the viewpoints of our contributors. Despite this, there is some wonderful materials to be gleaned and utilized for the enrichment of your spirit.

I hope you enjoy these brief reviews and that they become helpful recommendations.

All Things for Good ~ Thomas Watson

This work is a Puritan, reformed classic. I say this to get that out of the way for those who are not. Regardless of your theological leanings, this book is impeccable. It is thorough and laser focused on the topic of God’s goodness and mercy.

This book will have a reformed flavor to it, but its quotability and relevance usurps any disagreement that a non-reformed thinker may have. Be open and enjoy!

10/10 read.

Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible ~ John W. Haley

Not to be mistaken with Henry Halley who wrote Halley’s Bible Handbook, John W. Haley evaluates classic objections to Scripture in a similar, methodical manner. All though I do not align entirely with John Haley’s theology, we are aligned in our apologetic hearts.

Haley does well in this classic work in defending the inerrancy of Scripture and it is a great reference work to add to your library.

Revelation Unveiled ~ Tim LaHaye

Tim LaHaye. Many love his works and many consider them harmful to a Christian’s view of the future. I am not debating for either one. But I will offer this. The “Left Behind” series has been impacting Christian culture for the last 30 years or longer.

If you want to understand the theological views of someone who has made such a large impact, this book consolidates them. On top of this, this work (although a bit dated) has incredible insights into the book of Revelation, particularly stemming from classic pre-millennial dispensational eschatology (study of the end times). I do not plan on being here when much of what is discussed occurs, but I enjoy learning more of God’s unfolding plans for humanity.

Informative read.

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment ~ Jeremiah Burroughs

On this list, this is the second work by a Puritan. In it, Burroughs takes a look at something that is readily available but as the title suggests- Rare.

This work is thought provoking, convicting, and edifying. Although a classic, it is largely forgotten too but a culture rediscovering this work would likely rediscover what the Bible says on what it means to be content in Christ.

Definitely worth a read! Be sure not to skim, it has a lot of rich material that needs to be thoroughly digested!

Out of the Silent Planet ~ C.S. Lewis

Keeping in trend, we present another C.S. Lewis writing.

Often C.S. Lewis is known for deep theological treatises or fantasy novels, but rarely does anyone think of Lewis as a writer of science fiction.

His work, “Out of the Silent Planet,” details of alien abduction and discovery! Rich with literary devices, it details morals such as returning to faith in Christ and slowing the creep toward secularization!

Not often can you get such a versatile blend of literature that edifies and enriches while still yet, following a fascinating story!

Enriching Grace Commentary of 2 Timothy ~ Jacob Harris

This book is my third work in Enriching Grace’s, Understanding the Faith, series. We delayed the arrival of this work, so that 1 Timothy could be rightly digested in preparation for Paul’s final work preceding his death. We pray you read this work alongside an open Bible and edified, able to stand and “teach no other doctrine.”

Although I may be slightly bias, I recommend this work highly!

Enriching Grace Commentary of Ephesians: Understanding the Faith ~ Jacob Harris

This is Enriching Grace’s new compiled notes on Ephesians! It is the first published work by contributor Jacob Harris and is intended to be a very practical look into the epistle. This commentary is now available on Amazon. This is an exciting time in the ministry!

Enriching Grace Commentary of 1 Timothy: Understanding the Faith ~ Jacob Harris

This is the second published work by Enriching Grace and its emphasis is on the epistle of 1 Timothy! It is the second work of contributor Jacob Harris and once again intends to take a look to practical applications of the letter while allowing it to remain within its proper context! Excited for this bit of our ministry to be shared!


This is the recommended read list for the month of December!

Lastly, I hope you were enriched in some way through these suggestions and leave a comment if you have read any of these books or have a comment to make!

God bless,

Enriching Grace

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