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You have found Enriching Grace’s monthly book recommendations. This is not an exhaustive list of good reads and not all of these are devotional in nature.

Below is a list of material that our contributors have read, enjoyed, and or utilized in study.

Disclaimer: Not all the materials held within these books are the viewpoints of our contributors. Despite this, there is some wonderful materials to be gleaned and utilized for the enrichment of your spirit.

I hope you enjoy these brief reviews and that they become helpful recommendations.

The Great Divorce ~ C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is a multi-faceted author. He has written fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, dissertations, poetry, and etc. This work is a grand example of his versatility as he records an allegory discussing “trans-mortal” existence and explores topics pertaining to Heaven and Hell.

With a few theological liberties taken, this allegory follows an unnamed narrator who boards a bus, full of people willing to share their stories about how they died. This bus ride also helps the narrator discover that he himself, has passed on.

This book will stretch your perspective of Heaven and Hell and provoke a desire to go and bring others along to Heaven as well. If you want a book to make you think, this one is a great start!

The Everlasting Man ~ G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton’s work almost instantly reminded me of a much older work that I have read by another great author called City of God, by the famed Augustine of Hippo. Chesterton, a devout Catholic, explores human history, primarily beginning with the Neanderthals. He strategically and provocatively moves through history, with secular and theologically notes, hand in hand.

I encourage you to read this book and possibly rethink some assumptions made about the history that has led us to the present day.

City of God ~ Augustine

Since it was mentioned, allow me to introduce one of Augustine’s greatest and comprehensive works. This work is one of the first treatises on Christian human history and one of the earliest theological anthropologies (that is explore how theology, affects human trajectory). This work is primarily a refutation of the popular Roman belief that the Rome had been delivered into their enemies’ hands, as an upheaval by God.

In this work, my greatest takeaway was my reflection on God’s sovereignty. Cities and empires come and go, but the City of God stands forever. 10/10 read.

The Truth About Grace ~ John MacArthur

Out of all Biblical topics, the grace of God (and rightly so) fascinates me the most. So, I was excited to begin reading this book, paralleling my Scripture reading. This older work by MacArthur, is comprehensive but not all-inclusive, as scarce a book could be, on the grace of God. Nonetheless, read it and allow his teaching of the Bible, to marinate your devotional life and love for the astounding grace of God!

I highly recommend this work!

Enriching Grace Commentary of 2 Timothy ~ Jacob Harris

This book is my third work in Enriching Grace’s, Understanding the Faith, series. We delayed the arrival of this work, so that 1 Timothy could be rightly digested in preparation for Paul’s final work preceding his death. We pray you read this work alongside an open Bible and edified, able to stand and “teach no other doctrine.”

Although I may be slightly bias, I recommend this work highly!

Enriching Grace Commentary of Ephesians: Understanding the Faith ~ Jacob Harris

This is Enriching Grace’s new compiled notes on Ephesians! It is the first published work by contributor Jacob Harris and is intended to be a very practical look into the epistle. This commentary is now available on Amazon. This is an exciting time in the ministry!

Enriching Grace Commentary of 1 Timothy: Understanding the Faith ~ Jacob Harris

This is the second published work by Enriching Grace and its emphasis is on the epistle of 1 Timothy! It is the second work of contributor Jacob Harris and once again intends to take a look to practical applications of the letter while allowing it to remain within its proper context! Excited for this bit of our ministry to be shared!


This is the recommended read list for the month of July!

Lastly, I hope you were enriched in some way through these suggestions and leave a comment if you have read any of these books or have a comment to make!

God bless,

Enriching Grace

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