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I Need a Dentist!

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Do you know what the hardest bone in your body is?

Your mom would probably say that thick skull, which in motherly adoration is often referred to as “a hard head.”

But no, it isn’t the hardest bone, nor is the femur, nor the pelvis.

It is your teeth. Specifically, the enamel of your teeth.

I recently while caring for my daily hygiene had an internal revelation relating to this topic.

I need a dentist.

I have a few rough spots in my teeth that have eroded away from years of candy addiction.

But then it occurred to me, by how this hardest bone of the body disappeared. It wasn’t a clean break like that common of every other bone in the body.

The hardest bone in the body eroded away, over time. Little by little.

You know, the works of sin and plots of Satan work the same way to deter the power and vigor of your faith.

Little by little, sin and things contrary to righteousness, creep in under the door until the problem is even realized (Jude 1:4; 2 Timothy 3:1-7). But then it is too late, you are ensnared (2 Timothy 2:15-18)

Perhaps, you need a more frequent dentist appointment (I’m preaching to the choir), more frequent brushing in Scripture and prayer. Maybe floss the Word of God, a little bit more, looking for the tight places (Psalm 118:5-6).

After all, we are called to be people whose spirit is pearly white and pure (1 Peter 1:22).

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