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2 Timothy Background & Introduction

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  1. 2 Timothy 

Broad outline:

Conceptual outline:

  1. Notes regarding the nature of 2 Timothy 
  1. Notes on Timothy
  1. Date: It is commonly held that Paul was martyred by beheading in A.D. 67 (According to Jerome), placing 2 Timothy written shortly prior. However, some scholars argue that the writing is slightly or drastically later. 
  2. Title: To Timothy (1:2) in Ephesus (4:19)
  3. Ephesus background:
  1. Author: The Apostle Paul (1:1)
  2. Written from: Mamertine prison (Traditionally) in Rome, during his second Roman imprisonment (1:17). The apostle had a preliminary hearing and was awaiting his final (4:16).
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