cappuccino in white ceramic cup on white ceramic saucer

Coffee Break!

“Coffee is always a good idea” – Unknown 3 in 4 Americans drink coffee everyday. It is the second most consumed beverage in America behind water. The coffee industry is worth 80 billion dollars. Coffee is tastes good, is moderately affordable, and it makes us feel good. But how does it do that? The short …

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black google smartphone on box

Google Annoymous

I would like to admit something to you all- I am a Google addict. From everything from how to air fry chicken to who is that particular person I recognize in a movie to, embarrassingly enough, how to open a Pantene pump bottle (which have I yet to do even after watching a YouTube video). …

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flock of birds

Addicted To The Ministry

Addiction Addiction. The very word makes many Americans feel a shudder. It brings about painful memories and vivid imagery of someone with an addiction, if not themselves.  Often, our mind displays connotations of alcohol, cigarettes, and or illicit drug use.  Whereas, such thoughts are reasonable.  Nearly 21 million Americans possess at least one addiction and …

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