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The Berean Hour

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions” ~ T.S. Eliot

“Hell is paved with good intentions” ~ Samuel Johnson

The modern culture is filled with the desire to be good; unfortunately, they are very bad at it. So bad in fact that is why many of societies greatest moral vices are renamed as something good. Abortion is considered women’s health. Pornography is considered sexual liberation. Universalism is titled inclusivity.

Humans are just bad at being good.

There is a narrative within the book of Acts that highlights a groups desire to be good (Acts 17:10-15). The Scripture tells us that the Apostle Paul goes into the Jewish synagogues of Thessalonica where they many of the Jews, believing that the Law has not yet been fulfilled by Jesus, start a riot to quiet apostolic preaching.

They thought they were doing God’s will, but instead they were actually aligned entirely contrary to it. They were living in emotions and past experiences, and living in past experiences will cripple you with new fear. Truthfully, sometimes what once was good, is harmful to those who can’t tell when the good things have passed.

Or more accurately fulfilled. Do not let good intentions keep you from faith in Christ. Do not let emotions hold you from truth. Please do not let experiences keep you from making new ones.

In this story there were a group of people from Berea (The Bereans) who moved from emotional living and searched Scripture daily to see if what Paul was saying is true. Stepping outside their feelings, they stepped into truth and life. They had good intentions and effective action.

Two things that can only be found in pure form for the Word of God, the Author of Truth.

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