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Atomic Faith #2

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And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.” ~ Isaiah 6:3

A science teacher teaches about two things and two things only.

Matter & Energy

The entire universe made of these two things. Specifically, anything tangible is matter.

Matter is made of atoms, the smallest identifiable piece of matter related to a chemical.

A science teacher often teaches of atoms and how atoms act. Different atoms have different personalities.

Some examples include:

Uranium-238 is radioactive and used for energy and weaponry.

Potassium-32 is used to treat and detect cancer.

Helium-4 is light and able to fill party balloons.

They are all able to do these things because of their structure. Atoms are made of sub-atomic particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons), and sub-atomic particles are made of more sub-atomic particles called quarks and so, so, on.

Every time you change the structure of an atom, you change its function.

“Structure affects function”

God has a structure as well, this structure is called His attributes [a.k.a personality; characteristics]

In discussing His attributes, what better place start than with His Holiness?

Oxford dictionary defines an attribute as “A quality or character considered to belong to or be inherent in a person or thing; a characteristic quality.” 

The word you may find often in the Old Testament for holy is qōḏeš (Ko-desh).

This word is used typically when referring to sacredness and literally renders, “apart,” or “separate”

God is apart, He is eternally pure, and is not like any other being. In fact, He is so separate and Holy that all other beings consist because He is Holy (Colossians 1:16-17).

God is always wholly Holy and if man were to take away holiness from their view of God, then in their deceit, they redefine God.

“Change the structure, you change the function”

All of God attributes are all in 1, 1 in all

You cannot regard God’s Holiness as greater than His love or His wrath, greater than His mercy, etc.

All of these depict God as He truly is depicted still yet, holiness encompasses all else.

He loves like no other.

He is jealous like no other.

He is good like no other.

He is infinite like no other.

Like with the atom, you take one microscopic proton away from Uranium and you have a whole other element with a different purpose.

Protactinium has no known uses, but add one proton and we use Uranium for everything.

You make God to be love, grace, and mercy, but if you do not regard Him as Holy you have the wrong god.

He is separate, apart, and sacred.

He is holy.

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