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Day at the Beach

You would be hard pressed to find someone who does not enjoy a good day at the beach. What would a beach day look like for you?

You see kids (and adults who act like children, such as myself) fighting waves.

Beachgoers tanning.

Sandcastles looming high over the masses.

And people digging holes.

Yes. On the beach, digging holes takes a typically terrible time and makes it fun!

But on the beach, with every shovel load, you combat the incoming waves which refill the hole just as fast as you dig it!

And so it goes. Dig. Fill. Dig. Fill. Frustration. Quit digging.

You see, digging in sand is easier but it never lasts.

Biblically, nothing much good comes from working in sand. For instance, Jesus taught a parable of the houses built on the sand. It was the house built on the rock which stood (Luke 6:48). As Christians, we understand that Jesus is our Rock and our chief cornerstone on which we build.

“For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” ~ 1 Corinthians 3:11

From a solid foundation, one can build. Any other foundation is sinking sand, being filled with the wrath of God. As you work to build, you sink deeper and deeper still. First and foremost, you must live from the solid ground of Jesus Christ.

Compare digging in a remote field away from the waves and the beach where water is constant. In comparison, you will see the importance of where you place your feet. You will see the importance of where you build your life!

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