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Where Are You?

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“And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?” ~ Genesis 3:9

In reading I had recently heard it suggested that in the Garden of Eden (pardon me for not knowing from whom it came) that God did not ask Adam in the garden, “Where art thou?” because He didn’t know. The Lord asked this of Adam because Adam did not know where he was at.

It seems so obvious when phrased this way. You think, “Of course God knew where Adam and Eve were! He’s God!” But then you are left with the ageless question, “Why would He ask?”

This question echoes the rhetoric of Christ in responding to the Pharisees with His questions and once again you may think, “That makes sense! Jesus is God!” But once again, head knowledge cannot seem to answer the question, “Why would He ask?”

Questions serve the purpose of getting an answer. Nonetheless, when the inquisitor asks the question already knowing the answer, you must logically assume that the answer is for you to grasp, not the questioner. Saying this, I am not posed to pretend that I am God or that I am even further along in my spiritual journey than you.

But let me ask this. “Where art thou?” “Where are you?”

Are you still pretending that the very thought of death doesn’t paralyzes you?

Perhaps, you’re faith has been solid up to a recent cataclysmic event in your life?

Or maybe, you are a saved, justified, and sanctified believer, but like Adam you suddenly feel separated and exposed?

And for some, you are separated and exposed before a Holy God and you need to know- You thirst to know, what right relationship looks like and where it begins.

Just answer out to God- Here I am. Nude. Exposed. Needing you as my Savior. I know you came, you died, and you rose again so that I can be clothed with righteousness. Use me for Your purpose.

When the question poised is “Where are you?” Call out. God, here I am.

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