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Taking Care of Business

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Business. That’s the way it is, was, and will be. There was once an owner/builder of a very large company. He told his people, “If you come and work for me and do everything my CEO tells you to do, some day I will give you and land plus all you need for the rest of your life.”

However, it wasn’t long until the workers started complaining and made themselves department heads and they despised the visitors who did hard manual labor.

So the owner of the company sent his CEO to tell them what needed to be done. But they wouldn’t listen and in turn, killed the CEO and took his shares of the company. Nonetheless, the owner still had more shares, so he sends his COO (chief operating officer) to speak to the department heads.

The unruly workers took him out to the back of the plant and beat him to death. The owner then proclaims, “I have had enough! You can no longer run the company until I come back personally and build a new company in addition to land to live. But in the meantime, I will let the manual laborers run the company. They can can go worldwide and tell everyone that they can come and be co-owners/workers of this great company.”

The owner then sweetens the pot. He continues, “They will get to go to a whole new city and everyone will get a new house to live with me nearby!”

But the owner has not forgot his first workers. He will still be back himself and start business back up with them. However, some will not want anything to do with him and will forever be unemployed. They will never have life, only death.

Now that was an allegory, but if you read in the Bible within the book of Ephesians chapter two, the Apostle sets forth the basic three-fold division: “times past” v.11-12, “but now” v.13, and the “ages to come” v.7. In times past, you have a division between Israel and the Gentiles.

But now the Gentiles are no longer on the bottom rung of the ladder (Ephesians 2:13) and n0 longer living under hard labor but under a time of free grace.

Now in the age to come, God will bring His purposes to fruition (Ephesians 2:7). We can learn how all of the Bible is for us but all of it was not written to or about us. So follow this timeline and you too can understand the Bible. Let the truth set you free today.


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