A Good Thought

You ever have a random thought that seems silly but then progresses into a profound thought?

Here is my most recent question/thought that popped into my mind.

How do animals first realize that water is necessary for their survival? You may say, “They are thirsty of course!”

To that I would reply, “Yes, they feel thirst.” They know what thirst feels like and they had gotten milk from their mother, but who told them they needed water to survive? How do animals know that is the key to survival and to pursue it!

Most of my life, I was told it was instinct. This is true. I also have been told it has to do with evolution. But the honest truth is, animals just know they need things.

They know they need water, God gave them the ability to know. When they thirst, they seek.

The desire to pursue God is the same way. We are thirsty for something good, which in ourselves we have none (Romans 3:23). We have to find the source, a spring that will never run dry (John 4:13-15)! By the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can be quenched, desire subdued, and grace abounds for ever more.

Believe in His death, burial, and resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:3-4)!

Making the real question, “are you thirsty?”

And continue to pattern from instinct to thirst to Jesus Christ to relief.

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