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Chemistry in the Bible #4: “What’s the Matter?”

The Earth is composed of two things. Just two.

Energy and matter.

World religions have typically, if not always, have been in consensus. Polytheistic religions state that their “gods” come from Earth, water, the Sun, and numerous other material source. This is a common trend, passed down through history.

Regardless of their origin, their is only one account that reads,

“In the beginning- God” (Genesis 1:1)

Before matter. Before energy. There was/is God.

Verse 1 of the Holy Bible reads, “God created the Heavens and the Earth.” He created matter, energy, and the rhythms that govern them.

Our God claims preeminence to everything. Literally, everything. Matter and energy. The two things that make up, things.

No other religion has quite that bold of a claim and definitely not an ounce of inerrancy to back it up. All power and glory belongs to the Author of Creation.

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