007 Christians


Many are infatuated with them. Some fear that they are amongst you at all times.

American culture usually idolizes them as the heros that we never see or dread them as incognito menaces.

Spies come in many forms. Some are more brazen and some simply live amongst the enemy, collecting intelligence while working for the interests of another.

In popular culture, the most popular agent would probably be James Bond. He is a British double agent who works for the interests of the British government but lives among his enemy as a suave, yet casual passer-by. Truly, an undercover ambassador.

Saying this, Bond has always piqued my interest because he never uses an alias. If you were to ask him who he is, he’d reply, “The names Bond. James Bond.”

He is a double agent who is not scared of his identity, because his identity is safe within himself. A double agent is someone who lives in a country, but works on the behalf of their true citizenship.

To me… This sounds like the life of a Christian. We possess a Heavenly citizenship and live for the mission of God’s message of hope, although assigned to a land contrary to all that we believe (Ephesians 2:19).

I think every Christian can take notes on Bond. Never hide from who you are to Christ and live faithfully unto His purpose, no matter where you are assigned (Colossians 3:23-24). We live with a certain amount of tact, but never selling out Him who began a good work in us (Colossians 4:6).

In doing so, you’ll be like Bond and other brands of double agents, living on mission for Christ, if you choose to accept it.

God bless!

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