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How’s Your Hygiene?

“But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine” ~ Titus 2:1

How’s your hygiene? You may hear this question asked from your dentist, your doctor, or perhaps, your mom.

It’s a sincere question. It is an important question.

Your hygiene can say a lot about your lifestyle and a lot about where you are going.

With poor hygiene your health is to follow. Poor hygiene, may cost you a job. Hygiene reflects life and your life reflects your hygiene.

In Titus 2, the Apostle Paul is teaching on things which correspond with sound doctrine.

The Greek term for “sound” is hygiainō.

Looks familiar doesn’t it?

Hygiaino literally means “to be of health,” “uncorrupt,” and “wholesome.”

He is not only teaching this life to Titus, he is telling Titus to speak and replicate hygienic doctrine in his ministry!

Hygienic doctrine desires holiness and is a reflection of the God who gave it all, to bring us into His family.

It is charitable, temperate, holy, patient, and all of the good things that God illicits for Christians in this age!

So with this in mind. Ask yourself. How’s your hygiene? Are you brushing them spiritual teeth? And cleaned by the blood of the Christ? Is your hygiene products supplied by the wonderful store of Scripture?

How is your spiritual health?

God bless!

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