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Romans Background & Introduction

the colosseum rome

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  1. Romans

Broad Outline:

– With further dispensational discussion (15:8-12)

Conceptual Outline:

2. Notes Regarding the Nature of Romans

3. Date: Between A.D. 55-58

4. Title: To the Church in Roman (Romans 1:7)

Scholars debate the origin of this church considering there is no Biblical documentation of its origin, especially correlating with the suggested date (Romans 15:20-25)

5. Rome Background:

6. Author: The Apostle Paul (Romans 1:1); Assisted by an amanuensis Tertius (Romans 16:22)

Written From: Corinth on Paul’s third missionary journey [Acts 18:22–21:17; 2 Corinthians 13:1] (Speculated; Due to context clues relating to setting and regarding his greetings in Romans 16)

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