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The Fountainhead

“For God is good – or rather, of all goodness He is the Fountainhead.” ~Athanasius of Alexandria

This statement was penned by early church father Athanasius of Alexandria in a work discussing the incarnation of Jesus Christ. He states the phrase, “For God is good.”

We hear this all the time but in a variety of ways. For instance, many hear it often in the following rehearsed prayer. 

God is Great, God is Good;

Let us thank Him for our food.

By His hands we all are fed,

Give us Lord our Daily Bread.


Do you find it interesting that God’s goodness and praise precedes the request? Or that by God’s goodness is the request filled? Or that every line of this beautiful prayer is sown together by the very fiber of God’s omnibenevolence (all-good)?

God is not merely good- He is all good. Everything that is truly good is of His beautiful authorship. 

That is one reason He desires for us to dwell on good things (Philippians 4:8). Good things reflect the glory of the good God

Therefore when we pray for good things, it should be done appropriately with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6; Psalm 107:1). 

We are reporting to the God who is good and already looking to tend to our needs (Philippians 4:19). 

But it is senseless to only praise God as good because of what He does, we need to praise Him simply because of the fact that He is good.

In Psalm 145:1-13, the Psalmist reflects on God’s great and abundant goodness showing that God’s works are not what make Him good. Instead, they showcase the all-good quality of His being. 

There is a trend in modern society that will begin an argument against God in this manner-

“If God is good then why…”

God’s goodness is not bound to humanities frustrations and quarrels about life. In fact, it is not bound to anything. 

The fact is: God is good.

Another fact is this: We can experience God’s goodness by God’s Gospel (Literally rendered, “Good News”). 

Even though we were bad (An understatement) Christ came to die, be buried, and rise again so that we can be known by His goodness. So that His righteousness may be imputed on us so that when God sees us, He sees the goodness of His Son over us. 

This is God’s work and because of this, we may reflect His goodness by boasting that such a good gift came from Him- The Fountainhead (Ephesians 2:8-9). 

My point?

Nothing is truly good apart from God. He is the author and maintainer of goodness.

So Christians, boast that your God, Jesus Christ, is the good God. Unbelievers, know that this good God is apt to begin and finish a good in work you, unparalleled to any other mortal relationship or hope (Philippians 1:6). 

Just believe (Romans 10:9-13).

God bless!

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