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Say His Name

Within the Bible, God is known by nearly 300 different titles! Is this surprising to you?

It shouldn’t be.

Considering how magnificent, Holy, and righteous our God is, it would make sense that humanity is not capable of singling out a title. Or that God simply offers humanity one dimensional aspect of Himself within His name.

Names mean something. It is more than just an address. 

For example, my name is Jacob. It derives from the Hebrew word, Ya’aqov. The name’s origin can be found in Genesis 25:26 when Jacob grabs the heel of his brother Esau during the birthing process. 

The name commonly means “supplanter”, “grabbed by the heel”, or in some cases, “deceiver.” All three of these names describe an aspect of the Biblical character Jacob and his life. 

In the same way, God’s name has a meaning and often depicts a dimension of His character and being. 

Below are a few common examples out of the exhaustive list:

As amazing as these names are and what attributes depict about God, none of these attributes can be experienced without first believing in the name- 


This is the name that connects us to the “most high”, “all-seeing”, “all-providing”, “Almighty-Father.”

Actually, allow me to be more specific. This is the God who graciously allowed His children to know and connect with Him. 

To join His Body and be able to proudly proclaim that our God is who He says He is.

Join me as I lift His Holy name on high! 

God bless!

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