Rainbow Faith Bracelet’s

North Carolina residents mark their calendars yearly for the opening of the North Carolina State Fair. This was the first year however that I was able to make it to this large event and share in the fun that many state fairs experience each year!

These fairs are filled with oddities of food, rides, attractions, and vendors from within and outside of the state. This is where people can boast that they ate deep fried oreos, deep fried chocolate-covered bacon, and deep fried butter sticks.

For a tamer crowd, some could simply hang around the farm portion of the fair and see beautiful animals and vegetables!

Despite the many wild things and people that I saw, as a Christian, there was one simple thing that really stood out to me. 

At one of the vendor tables, there was a Christian organization handing out “Rainbow Faith Bracelets.” Upon receiving mine, a wave of nostalgia rolled over me as I remember making these wonderful illustrations of faith when I was considerably younger. 

The bracelet consists of five, different colored beads on a leather string. These beads stand for the following:

This bracelet is an excellent way to minister and begin spiritual conversations that lead to spiritual conversion. But regardless of what we wear on our outside, always minister of what went on inside of you when Christ saved you. 

Christ’s Gospel is the only thing that saves broken humanity and people notice the change when you are a new creation! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Let’s get colorful and get The Word out!

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