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To Our Viewers

To our viewers,

I wanted to express my endless thanks and gratitude. Your viewership means a lot to me and seeing how some are responding to the Word of God is very exciting to me as a writer.

For those viewing from the United States, y’all rock!

And for those viewing internationally, y’all rock!

I want to show my appreciation but also encourage you that you are noticed, seen, and very much loved. Saying this, I need to stress that I am not only referring to myself but also to a loving God.

We all have a chance to fellowship with Him where there is no longer division between humanity; rather, there is peace, unity, and love within the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:16).

According the Word of God, you are all important and beautiful instruments in bringing forth the Gospel to the unbeliever and edifying the believer (Romans 10:15).

Furthermore, you are my friends.

God bless you all,

Grace and peace,

Jacob Harris

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