man standing on the end of the rock

Man By Eternity’s Cliff Side

Once a child, yet evolved into a man.

Looking over the cliffs, I see the sky.

In my soul, delighting that You are nigh.

That Your eye can see across such great span.

Across the fields and above blue seas.

Composing essence by power of Word.

By nature, paper, and by paper heard

Thy refined, righteous voice beckon unto me.

Teach my soul and reprove to understand.

Despite season I ought to be ready.

Forlorn souls rely on Thine truth steady.

For you always leave room for ampersand.

Pleading for man to join me by the edge.

That they may gaze and lift You all prestige.

For glory and Hades, your Son did siege.

By belief, their will and being to pledge.

Not for bread but each Word from hallowed lips.

Neither sights or elating conditions.

The Body lives for Gospel fruition.

Peer in awe, the work of Your fingertips.

I pray, a man by eternity’s cliff side.

We hope you enjoyed this work and were enriched.

God bless!

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