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Comfort. Where’s The Source?

An Odd Ball

When I was young, I found much comfort in a good book. I was an odd ball.

My comfort was in sitting down and reading a good, non-fiction, historical analysis of some time periods misfortunes.

The World Wars, the Spanish Influenza, Presidential assassination attempts, were all things I enjoyed reading to escape from my own time in history.

There is much irony in my dorky past time I now realize nonetheless. I oddly find comfort in things that broke the hearts of many.

However, this is not uncommon. Many find comfort in watching horror films depicting brutal murders.

Or are expert mass murderers, padding the kill-death ratio on Call of Duty.

But the topic of this devotional is not to admonish the past times of these individuals; whereas, as I often am one.

It prep the reader for my primary question.

When we retreat to our comforting past times, do we find hope?

Not many of the activities I listed above offer hope; although, they do present temporary pleasure.

Sometimes, reading a good book may offer temporary hope, yet my point is this.

Only the Good Book can offer a hope of a lifetime into eternity.

The Good Book

In Romans 15:4 the Apostle Paul is addressing the responsibilities that Christians share between each other.

In his teaching He states,

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.”

God’s Word has much to offer in the lives of Christians. One of these roles is comfort.

We are comforted by the hope that He offers.

We can have hope because Christ, the God of the universe resides within us and that because He resides and we in Him, we have the promise eternal future (Colossians 1:27).

With Him.

This is included in the riches of His glory! And we are taking part of that!

So, I want to encourage you the reader this week, to take time to find comfort in the Scriptures. Read about the blessed hope that is your inheritance in Christ Jesus.

Be comforted by this hope.

God bless!

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